Boats in Torquay

Watercolour on paper 

23 x 31 cm


Signed and dated

Jose Sanchez Peinado




I came across this place on another of my trips, this time in Torquay, in the south of England. This port is very emblematic and very touristy. I was very struck by the clarity of the water and all the geometry of the boats. I took the reference photo the first time I was there. And since then I have been there several times, but this image was born from that first impression I had. I like to capture that first experience and that curiosity that we all feel when we visit a new place. In the first upper third of the painting, all the boats are concentrated, focusing only on some of them, to give dynamism to the composition. And the lower two thirds are emptier, trying to make the painting breathe.

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 26 cm