Jose Sanchez Peinado

Hi! 👋
My name is Jose Sanchez Peinado. I am a watercolour artist and oil painter based in London.

I was born in Madrid in 1995.

My first contact with the world of visual arts started by painting graffiti, around 2007.

After studying a Fine Arts degree, I dedicated myself to painting landscapes with my friends around Spain. We went to different fast painting competitions, to try to make a living as artists.

After a year of doing this, I realized that I needed a radical change in my life and made the decision to move permanently to London in 2018.

After four years here, my career as an artist has changed for the better that I could have imagined. I discovered watercolours, among other things. During the coronavirus crisis, I developed one of my best projects, called Lockdown Portraits. A little later I opened my online store, which you can enjoy on this website. I also create content on my YouTube channel, in which I talk about my watercolour techniques, art supplies and many other things!

Thank you very much for your support! 😊


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