Windsor Castle


Windsor Castle

Watercolour on paper 

23 x 31 cm


Signed and dated

Jose Sanchez Peinado




This scene of Windsor Castle was painted a few months before the death of Queen Elizabeth II. In the summer I had the great opportunity to participate in an outdoor painting competition in Windsor. This is not the picture I painted there, but this one I made from one of the castle references I took to paint. Painting en plein air is quite a challenge, because the light changes all the time and you don’t have the comfort of being in the studio.


This particular part of the castle is called Moat Gardens, and it is closed to the public, so I was one of the privileged few who had access to it. I really liked that part of the castle, and I also have very good memories of the whole day, which is what I wanted to capture in this image.

Additional information

Dimensions 31 × 23 cm