Hampstead Heath


Hampstead Heath

Watercolour on paper 

31 x 41 cm


Signed and dated

Jose Sanchez Peinado




This is another view from Hampstead Heath park. I made a larger version in square format, which you can also find here on my website. The aim of this painting was to focus on the panorama, and to depict the buildings in the London skyline. You can see the part of the City of London, London Bridge… It’s impressive to see the buildings live because they are really close. Hampstead Heath is a wonderful and very popular park, because you can enjoy a lot of greenery, as you can see at both ends of the picture.

Both Hampstead and Hampstead Heath are areas that I have painted a lot, as I have spent a lot of time there. They are and have been part of my work practically since I started painting watercolours.

Additional information

Dimensions 41 × 31 cm