Lockdown Portraits

The Lockdown Portraits project consists of a project I started during the 2020 lockdown, in which I have been making different paintings of video calls from different people around the world.

We are seeing that thanks to new technologies, we have been able to talk and be in contact with our loved ones in a more accessible way. Through social media, I’ve been asking my followers to take screenshots of their different calls, so that I would be able to paint them in watercolor in A3 format. People from countries such as Colombia, Spain and the United Kingdom, among others, have participated. The project has been published in the English magazine FAD magazine.

FAD Magazine Article about Lockdown Portraits

This is a project that is still open, so if you are interested in having me paint you and your loved ones do not hesitate to contact me!

You can also find all the Lockdown Portraits for sale here:

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