Flask Walk


Flask Walk

Acrylic on canvas

91 x 61 cm


Signed and dated

In this artwork, I capture the essence of the charming Flask Walk in Hampstead. With vibrant brushstrokes, I reflect the history ingrained in each cobblestone of this cobbled street. The Georgian-style houses intertwine harmoniously with majestic trees and vibrant flowers.

The hustle and bustle of visitors and locals blend with the alluring aroma of coffee and the warmth of boutique shops. Flask Walk is a corner of the city that breathes life and welcomes everyone with its cozy charm.

I’ve worked on this piece from a photograph but completed it on-site, and it was truly exhilarating. Painting the hustle, the people in motion, and engaging in conversations with passersby—the shop on the right had completely transformed, and the plants on the left had also changed. Adding and removing all these elements was a delightful challenge.

With every brushstroke, I aimed to convey the ever-changing and lively atmosphere of Flask Walk. The experience of painting amidst its constant evolution has been incredibly rewarding, allowing me to create a piece that captures the essence of this special corner in Hampstead.

I hope this artwork serves as a window to the beauty and vibrancy I encountered while capturing Flask Walk. As an artist who once lived locally in Hampstead, this place holds a special place in my heart, and I’m delighted to share it through my art.




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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 91 × 61 cm