London from Hampstead Heath


London from Hampstead Heath

Watercolour on paper glued on board

50 x 50 cm


Signed and dated

Jose Sánchez Peinado


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This view of Hampstead Heath is surely the most iconic in the whole park. If you’ve been to London, Hampstead Heath is a large park to the northwest. It’s very popular, and it’s a place I’ve personally been to a lot. I’m very fond of it, because I always say it’s seen me grow up. I’ve painted it countless times, but this image is one of my favourites of the ones I’ve done. I find it very impressive that London is so flat. From this point on Hampstead Heath you can see practically the whole of London. On the left side of the painting you can see The Shard, London Bridge, and the City of London. The idea of this painting was to play with that perspective and with the horizon.