Hello! My name is Jose Sanchez Peinado. I was born in Madrid in 1995 and I am a watercolor artist. I studied a degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid from 2013 to 2017, and then moved definitively to London the following year, in 2018.

Alegrías is the name of my latest solo exhibition. Here you can see my favourite selection of all my watercolors. This series of works had its beginning at the end of 2019, in a critical personal moment for me. I was in a darker emotional place and felt blocked, so I started painting watercolors to heal. I needed to do something with all that angst I was carrying. It began as a bandage but ended up with me fostering amazing friendships with kindred artists, finding a medium I wanted to invest in, finding day-to-day joy and something to be excited about. I have changed so much, met so many new people along the way, and I believe you can see that through my work. 

The 2020 pandemic came at a time I was negative space, so I started the “Lockdown Portraits” (you can see some of them here) and it was the project I have enjoyed the most to date. That project solidified watercolour as my medium and boosted my drive to connect with others through painting. Despite everything that was going on with me, it was a time of some victories and joys.

In this exhibition catalog (you can download it here) you will be able to see this whole journey.  It is something very personal and special to me, and sharing it with you is a pleasure. I have chosen the word Alegrías (which literally means Joys) inspired by flamenco, music that has accompanied me so much during these years. And I think it defines perfectly what I feel today seeing all this process and all these works.

If you are planning to come, please book tickets clicking here (they are free). For everyone’s sake and for our safety, we have to make sure that we comply with government guidelines.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you enjoy this exhibition, at least as much as I did making it.

Jose Sánchez Peinado